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The P-RO System contains a quality carbon filter which will remove more than 98% of organic chemicals from the water. These include THMs(chloroform), DBCP, lindane, TCEs(trichloroethylene), PCEs(tetrachloroethylene), carbon tetrachloride chlorine, In addition to these organic chemicals, below is a partial list of other contaminants removed by the 40 GDP (151.4 LPD) thin film membrane. The percentage of removal shown below is a conservative estimate.

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Material/Element % Removed Material/Element % Removed
Barium 97% Potassium 92%
Bicarbonate 94% Radium 97%
Cadmium 97% Selenium 97%
Calcium 97% Silicate 96%
Chromate 92% Silver 85%
Copper 97% Sodium 92%
Detergents 97% Strontium 97%
Fluoride 90% Sulfate 97%
Lead 97% PCBs 97%
Magnesium 97% Insecticides 97%
Nickel 97% Herbicides 97%
Total Dissol Solids 95%


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